Area Zone Valve Box

Is space limited within your hospital?

Our BeaconMedaes Area Valve Box (AVB) have been designed in accordance to the ISO 7396-7 standard.

The purpose of these units is to grant fast access to the pipeline in case of a fire or any other malfunctions as well as monitor individual and central systems within healthcare facilities. The AVB provides an inlet and out connection. Additionally, the AVB comes with an integrated alarm system.

Key Features

  • Available in 1 to 7 gas service configurations
  • Shut-off ball valve
  • Integrated pressure gauges
  • Pressure switches continuously
  • Monitor the network pressure
  • Integrated alarm


  • Provides flexibility
  • Allows for quick and easy shut-off of gases in an emergency
  • Easy to view pressure readings
  • Alarms activate promptly if pressure of out of allowable limits
  • Compact design saves wall space