Searching for long-lasting, trouble free medical gas equipment?

You have chosen BeaconMedaes Medical Gas Systems because they meet all your requirements. Besides the fact that our systems support life critical applications in your hospital, we also deliver reliability, energy efficiency and compliance to the latest medical standards.

We are pleased to be your partner for all your equipment with reliable, in-time service and support. As an original manufacturer, we can provide you with local service as well as supply of parts. We know how to service our equipment with respect to service intervals, we can ensure a trouble-free performance of your equipment, thus reducing your lifetime costs. Last of all, our local service team can complete fixed price repairs and perform both preventive maintenance and annual inspections.

Key Features & Benefits

Maintenance plans
Gives you confidence in the day-by-day performance of your equipment.

Local support
Global network of service centers, provides you with local professional support plus local stock of parts and other services.

Fixed price service
No “surprises” – all costs known upfront, helping you to plan your budget with our Fixed Price service.

Genuine spare parts
Original spare parts are secured with a warranty coverage. Their high-quality ensures a reduction of equipment failure and extends the lifetime of your equipment.