Looking to develop the competence of your staff?

Medical Gas is life support and keeping your medical gas systems in top condition is a must for your best patient outcomes, for your accreditation and for the best operating economy. 

Keeping your systems in top condition means keeping your staff trained and holding the necessary credentials. BeaconMedaes is your ideal partner.  Our business is founded on the principles of the best equipment and the best support, including education and credentialing.

We offer education and credentials for:

  • Design of medical gas systems
  • Installation (CP, NFPA/ASSE 6010 and CSA Qualified Installer)
  • Inspection (AP and NFPA/ASSE 6020)
  • Commissioning & Verification (AP and NFPA/ASSE 6030)
  • Maintenance (CP / AP and NFPA/ASSE 6040 and CSA Qualified Operator)

Need to improve your skills or attain your credentials?  Let us help.